Street Safe Self-Defense


Complementary Workshop

Preparedness for the Preservation of Life

The Inner Science Of Close-Quarter Combat

The Modern Katana Academy’s main goal is to prepare you to increase your odds of survival in a real-world self-defense situation. 

This is done with:

  • Super-Conditioning Training
  • Strike, Counter-Strike Self-Defense Combat Skills
  • Proper Angle, Timing, & Distance Training
  • Immediate Hands-On Weapon Training 
  • Modernized Strategies & Tactics Exclusively offered by the  MKA

This is also accomplished by removing [de-programming] incorrect, neural & physiological issues. It is highly likely you will never work on this type of ultra-rare training in your normal, daily.  This type of training is typically not found [an understatement] in the usual Mc Dojo-type schools.

The Street Safe Self-Defense Program is offered as a complementary, introduction workshop and should not be viewed as a complete class where Self-Defense Combat Training is accomplished.

This is accomplished by regular, on-going lessons at the MKA. 


The Complementary Workshop Is Three-Fold Including:

Lecture Topics

  • Personal Safety
  • Common Misconceptions on Self-Defense Combat
  • Realistic Training [Styles, Time In…]
  • Training Weapons 
  • AMA Forum


  • Single & Double Weapon Strikes
  • Counter-Striking
  • Strategies & Tactics
  • Advanced & Exclusive MKA Curriculum Concepts

 Hands-On Training 

  • The MKA Figure 8  
  • Terminology
  • Strike Angles #1 & #2
  • Shielding Striking & Counter-Striking

This workshop differs from the regular, MKA curriculum. It is strictly an intro type-class. It is directly applicable for students moving on to the ultra-advanced MKA training including the advanced, maneuvering movements of the Katana, rare Double Wakizashi lessons, Double Tanto [daggers] and so on…

SSSD is meant to spark a reality-based awakening to the beginner student lacking knowledge or background in self-defense, weapon combat training. It Is modeled after the advanced close-quarter combat [CQC] strategies & tactics taught within the MKA. Counter-strike weapon training is the core training of MKA. 

With this in mind, all lessons will require 100% mindfulness, maturity, and attention to detail.

The Hands-On Section will utilize a rattan stick [provided by the MKA] as a tool of understanding and comfortability to enter reality-based training. They will mimic the movements of the Wakizashi and Kama [medium length weapons above] and can be applied to any object. This trains you to instinctively recognize that anything you can pick-up can effectively become a highly utilized weapon. Utilizing a weapon in a life-or-death situation can give you an exponential advantage.

Each student must read and abide by the Proper Dojo Etiquette Rules.  Disregarding these rules will not be tolerated and will constitute immediate expulsion from the school.

To participate you:

  • Must be 18 and older
  • Contact Soke Akrish/MKA via email to reserve a position
  • Sign a release waiver
  • Abide by the above Proper Dojo Etiquette Rules