Groupon Page

The Modern Katana Academy will utilize Kendo concepts as a perfect foundational place to form the infrastructure before you enter the even more advanced future lessons. If you have not viewed a Kendo match on YouTube, it would be a good idea to do so to capture the essence of what is being discussed here.

Though Kendo is an amazing combat sport with plenty to teach towards combat self-defense skills, it is still taught and performed for sport’s competition. The specific Wazas [concepts, ideas, techniques…] are directly applicable to real combat strategies and tactics if the correct instructor shows the way. Therefore, it is a part of the overall MKA curriculum.

Please note that Soke Akrish’s interpretation of any of the Wazas will expand outside of the “Kendo” way and a new student should not confuse the MKA as being a Kendo.

The Groupon Participant will be taught a direct and immediately applicable Intercepting & Counterstrike sword maneuverings utilizing the Shinai [Bamboo Sword] provided by the MKA during lesson time and available for purchase.

Learning timing, distance, angles, super conditioning, and a rapid neural response is the foundation of self-defense, combat skills which The MKA offers. Removing lag time, rigidity and telegraphing is at the core of the MKA. In this way, the odds can be diminished in a real-world situation.

If a Groupon Participant continues in becoming an official member of the MKA, they will continue to learn more advanced angles, timings, interception strikes, counterstrikes and rarely taught weapons such as the Double Tanto [dagger], Double Wakizashi [Short Sword] and of course, the Katana [Samurai Sword].