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Overview Of The Modern Katana Academy

Ø Tradition meets Evolution with the Modern Combat Strategies & Tactics 


Ø              Practical & Effective Self-Defense Combat Training 


Ø              Action-Packed, Partner Flow-Drills For Reality-Based Interaction Skill


Ø         Counter-Strike Weapon Training Accelerates: Speed, Strength & Endurance


Ø          Bokken, Shinai, Double Wakizashi, Tactical Flashlight, Tomahawk, Knife…


Ø         Enhance Your Health, Confidence & Control With Any Circumstance

All training concepts are taught as a relevant means to be translated into real-world, self-defense situation.
Every concept is applicable with the use of empty-hands, or any object, as a viable weapon for self-defense.


The Modern Katana Academy curriculum is based on super-conditioning training to increase power, flexibility, endurance especially with your back, shoulders, arms, wrists, and hands.


This creates lightning fast, flexible, and powerful strikes, with advanced strike-counter-strike training.


MKA school lessons includes in-depth demonstrations, explanations, and handouts to keep in a personal, training binder.


If you are expecting to wear a Gi, stand in line, jump up and down, punch in the air, pay for a new colored belt test…this is the wrong school.


This is an ultra-elite, reality-based school on entering into combat [Tatakau]. If you do not consistently train in counter-weapon striking, how will you ever be prepared?


Self-defense is not a fist fight, knife fight…or any other type of fight. It is combat but this reality is hard to face so it is easy to train at a safe school where the challenge of a weapon wielding attacker is left only to the imagination.


Counter-strike drill training is at the core of the Modern Katana Academy. With this in mind, 100% mindfulness, maturity and attention are mandatory to train in the school.


Training from the very beginning with a weapon in hand will help the student to instinctively recognize that anything they can pick-up can effectively become a highly utilized tool in a self-defense situation. Utilizing a weapon in a life-or-death situation can give you an exponential advantage.

The Groupon Six Week Curriculum


The Groupon Student will be taught training concepts for the Intro To Japanese Sword, Street Kendo & Self-Defense session as a perfect foundational way to form the infrastructure before you enter the even more advanced future lessons.

Specific Wazas [concepts, ideas, techniques…] are directly applicable to real combat strategies and tactics if the correct instructor shows the way. Therefore, it is a part of the overall MKA curriculum.

The Groupon Student will be introduced to Sword Maneuvers utilizing the Shinai [Bamboo Sword] provided by the MKA during lesson time and available for purchase.

Learning timing, distance, angles, super conditioning, and a rapid neural response is the foundation of self-defense, combat skills which The MKA offers. Removing lag time, rigidity and telegraphing is at the core of the MKA. In this way, the odds can be diminished in a real-world situation.

You must be prepared to listen to explanations of weapon and combat knowledge as well as hands-on lessons.

Essential Pages To Review & Agree to Before Signing Up: 



Due to Covid restrictions, ALL Classes are held OUTDOORS near the city of Newcastle [between Factoria & Renton off of 405] on late Saturday afternoons at a couple school locations depending on the weather.

There is limited student spaces and social distancing is encouraged. Mask wearing is optional.

There are no bathrooms so go before you arrive!!

Lesson #1


1)  Proper Dojo Etiquette

2)  Safety Always

3) Full, 100% Attention



a)   The Shinai [nomenclature of the Shinai]

b)   Respect of The Shinai & Bag

c)    Omote & Ura [Shinai & Directions]

d)   Te No Uchi




1)   The Vortex [Uzu]

2)   Proper structure of The Uzu

3)   Nodes of The Uzu

4)   The Ura Uzu

5)   Usages of the Uzu [12]


a)   Initial strike

b)   Counterstrike

c)    Build Ki

d)   Build Speed

e)   Set up Exit/Entry Nodes to the Maku



Lesson #2


1)   Review of Lesson #1

2)   The Omote Uzu

3)   Mawasu/Chikyu Suriage [Deflecting Arc]

4)   The Maku

5)   Nodes of The Maku



Lesson #3


1)   Modified version MKA Heaven Figure 8 [Partial Shield]


a)   Uzu

b)  Maku

c) Suriage


 Lesson #4



1)   Review/questions

2)   Uzu + Maku = Partial Shield

3)   Entry Into Inazuma SMU

4)   What section of Shinai to strike with

5)   Ashi Sabaki [Stationary]

6)   Ashi Sabaki [Same Foot Vs. Opposite Side]  


 Lesson #5


1)   Role of Motodachi [#1 and SMU Positions]

2)   Role of Kakarite

3)   Heron Skims The Ocean

4)  Tatakau Ura Inazuma SMU


 Lesson #6


1)   Review/questions

2)   Tatakau Omote Inazuma SMU