Advanced Scientific Methodologies 

The MKA is a hybrid school of combat with innovative and advanced concepts of sword maneuvering for health, conditioning and self-defense combat training. For instance, ambidextrous training is an important part of the curriculum for complete, body & mind balancing. Open-minded, advanced forward thinking breaking through the rut of stagnation.

At the MKA tradition meets evolution with the modernization of strategies & tactics.

This includes concepts from:

  • Ultra-precision angles of striking, lightening speed & combat strategy innovations.
  • Intelligent, secret study of the pressure point & neural system of the human body & how to manipulate it for combat.
  • Modern Weapon Training including single, double, long, medium and short types.
  • Close-Quarter Empty-Hand Training rarely taught in the civilian world.

All training concepts are taught as a relevant means to utilize in a real-world, self-defense situation. Every concept is applicable with the use of empty-hands or any object as a viable weapon for self-defense.

The MKA is a no frills, ultra-efficient combat training system. By training exclusively with both a weapon in-hand and  practicing multiple weapon-ranges through counter-strike drills, a student will gain a great advantage towards accelerating their combat skill levels over less time in comparison to other martial art systems.

Another important aspect of training with a weapon from the beginning is in its ability to help a student diminish levels of anxiety in a self-defense situation.

The Lessons

The Katana is the heart and soul of the school with its advanced maneuvering techniques. The Katana training is divided into seven levels with three, main sections:

                  • Activation
                  • Unfolding Of The Wings
                  • Bird Of Prey 

The school is based on super-conditioning training for lightning fast, flexible and powerful strikes, with advanced strike-counter-strike training. Class sessions include: in-depth demonstrations, explanations and document handouts to keep in a personal, training binder.

Class sessions are divided into three main sections: 

  • Kihon consists of warm-ups, conditioning & sword drawing which specially prepares the beginning student for Kata & Tatakau. This type of conditioning is unique in its nature requiring consistent, daily training.
  • Kata is a chain of movements linked together in a formalized manner for both solo & partner training. It must be diligently trained upon to reveal its true nature.
  • Tatakau trains the student in self-defense application through partner-drills. It includes concepts from the secret art of vital point striking.  Training in realistic, combat drills is not dependent on any specific weapon, but the internal understanding of what takes place in a physical interaction. This can include both multiple weapon and empty-hand drills.