Mentorship At The MKA

School Admission Requirements 

Akrish Soke offers a rare, advanced and cutting-edge self-defense combat strategies & tactics based on counter-strike, super-conditioning.

Membership is now closed to the public .  Admittance is by invitation only.

The MKA is unlike any other academy of martial arts with its realism and depth of knowledge coupled with a personal, semi-private atmosphere. 

The school curriculum is exclusive to the MKA with its charts, documents and scientific breakdown and explanations of realistic combat.

New students must know and follow the Proper School Etiquette without deviation

A MKA Release Form must be signed before the first class session. 

Important attributes you must adhere to as a MKA Student:

                      • Respect

                      • Self-discipline

                      • Patience

                      • Commitment 

                      • Kindness

                      • Emotional Balance

                      • Clear & Precise Communication Skills

  • Each student must create a personal, school binder with MKA handouts to bring to each lesson along with extra paper and pen for taking notes.
  • The Official MKA Shinai [bamboo sword] is provided by the academy with the first month’s dues. It is specially set-up by Akrish Soke with a secret Shinai Balm Formula for long-term use and safety.  The Shinai is used for Kihon, Kata & Tatakau Combat Training. Tatakau [Enter Into  Combat] partner-drills strictly utilizes the Shinai for realistic strike, counter-strike training. This is a high percentage of the MKA Curriculum.
  • The Bokken is a training sword the size and shape of a traditional Katana Sword.  It is used for solo, Kata & moderate partner-drill contact. The Official Bokken for the MKA is the Cold Steel 41 & 1/2″ Polypropylene Version for long-term use and safety.
  • School Uniform are black/white/red warm-up pants and official  school t-shirt.
  • Other training weapons will be required as a student’s skill level progresses. Examples are the Cold Steel Double Training Wakizashi Set.
  • School Dues: Discussed with Soke Akrish. First month dues will include an Official MKA Shinai Set-Up by Soke Akrish with Carry Bag. No Extra Fees For Testing.    

  • When: Weeknight evenings/Weekend late afternoons. Dojo training sites are conducted outside on the east-side.