MKA Curriculum

The Modern Katana Academy Training Curriculum

The Katana is the heart and soul of the MKA with its advanced maneuvering techniques. The Katana training is divided into eight levels with three, main sections:

                        • Activation 
                        • Unfolding Of The Wings
                        • Bird Of Prey 

This MKA is based on super-conditioning training for lightning fast, flexible and powerful strikes, with advanced strike-counter-strike training. Class sessions include: in-depth demonstrations, explanations and document handouts to keep in a personal, training binder.

Class sessions are divided into three main sections: 

  • Kihon consists of conditioning through specialized weapon maneuvering which specially prepares the MKA student for Kata & Tatakau. This type of conditioning is unique in its nature requiring consistent, daily training.
  • Kata is a chain of movements linked together in a formalized manner for both solo & partner training. It must be diligently trained upon to reveal its true nature.
  • Tatakau trains the student in self-defense application through partner-drills. It includes concepts unique to the The Modern Katana Academy. Training in realistic, combat drills is not dependent on any specific weapon, but the internal understanding of what takes place in a physical interaction. This can include both multiple weapon and empty-hand drills.

Required Training Equipment

  • All new students to the academy will receive an MKA approved Shinai. The Shinai [bamboo sword] can used be for Kihon, Kata & Tatakau combat training. Tatakau combat partner-drills strictly utilizes the Shinai for realistic strike counter-strike training. This is a high percentage of the MKA Curriculum.  
  • The Bokken [wood sword] is the size, weight and feel of a traditional Katana.  It is used for solo, Kata & moderate partner-drill contact.
  • School Uniform is black, red, white warm-up pants and a school t-shirt or hoody.
  • The Double Wakizashi is a smaller version of the Katana which is wielded with each hand. The Tanto [Dagger] is for close-range. Both the Double Wakizashi and the Tanto may be offered to students after passing the Activation Level or at scheduled workshops.

General Information

Testing Fees & Extra Training Sessions are included with the school dues.